First pond in progress

Texastkc Pond in progress photos


725 gallon first pond

Planning and Construction

As my son was building the pond, he found something metal right at the edge of the pond. He had to dig it up to move it out of the way. The metal was the edge of a stop sign. Of course we had to see what was under the stop sign. It was an empty hole, with clay (collapsed) pipe running in and out of the hole. The hole had been created by a barrel with concrete on the outside and then the barrel was removed. Our best guess, with the directions of the pipe is that it was a dry well used for overflow from a cistern they had beside the house at one time. With its proximity to the pond, we created a skimmer that flows into a trash can with some filtration. It is not the primary filtration for the pond, the bog filter is that. But then the water from the trash can filter then flows to a waterfall.

Fish / Plant Stock

About 7 full size goldfish that were rehomed to us as soon as someone heard we had a pond.


Bog filter nearly done.
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