Gemma's pond

  • The shallow upper section is roughly 3' x 10' x 1' deep, it holds plants not fish, and it spills onto the main pond that's 8' x 14'x 4.3' deep
    I was told this pond holds roughly 3,800 gallons

    I have a 6000GPH pump in the skimmer along with different filter pads, Media and pads also in both Falls.
    I run a PondMax PA40 aeration pump with two 12" airstones, all year. No bottom drain!
    The falls look a bit lopsided cause we purposely slowed down one of them, for the birds.

    The pond is covered with heavy duty mesh used for robotic guarding, it's called :
    1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square PVC coated steel wire mesh
    12 gauge thickness
    comes in 4'x8' panels
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