Isaac's 400 Gallon Goldfish Pond

Isaac's 400 Gallon Goldfish Pond, DIY, low budget.


I finally got water in and fish in my pond. Some of you may remember my "test fish" forum post but I am back with an update on my pond. I ended up removing the water and liner to change up the look of the pond a bit a move around some dirt. I ended up with a shape me and my parents liked. After that, we added some fish caves and rocks and got the water in. After a day I got another 2, 30 cent feeder fish to throw in. Once again to see if they live overnight. They made it! I also ended up buying 6 Shubunkin and put them in the next day. They made it too! So I put in the mother load. Make sure to watch the videos below.


Planning and Construction

Dug a hole, 3 feet deep.
Filter, and liner from Lowes, into the hole.
Fill with rock and water.
put in plants. put in fish.

Fish / Plant Stock

3 Comet Goldfish (2 Babies, 1, around 9 inches)
6 Shubumkins (All around 2-3 inches)
1 Red Cap Oranda
1 Black Moor
2 Fantails (1 Orange one Orange and Brown)
2 Baby Calico Fantails (Babies)

Total: 15 Goldfish

I also threw a tadpole in as well. No clue where he is but he is in there.

2 Amazon Swords
1 Val
2 Types of Lily pads
5 Water Lettuce


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