My garden pond in Co. Louth, Ireland.


Built a few months now. Struggling a bit with algae recently. Too many fish and not enough plants I think. The hot weather doesn't help either. Using a FiltoClear 12000 pump and filter. 11 goldfish (one died yesterday), one koi, two sturgeons. Only 3 plants at the moment, I think the algae has choked the waterlily out. It's around 2750L in volume.

Planning and Construction

Dug by hand with a spade. Took me 5 days non-stop! Lined with an old roof liner. Outdoor socket fitted to a rock at the back of it. NYMJ trailed from the house about 20 metres. Couple of solar spotlights around it. Waterfall made by hand also. Tough to get a nice flow out of it without the water trickling out the back. The waterfall still has to be cemented together. The cats have knocked down a few rocks already.

Fish / Plant Stock

11 goldfish, 1 koi, 2 sturgeons.

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