My second pond a Dedicated Koi pond

  • After building my first pond with much effort and help I got 8 koi from Japan and stocked it up. After about 6 months they out grew the pond (800 gallons) so I knew I had to build another. After about a year of planning and construction it's almost done. I wanted it to a be a dedicated koi pond with a natural touch. Since, no one in Malaysia has the same natural concept that is practiced in the western world I knew I had to do all the planning and designing myself and simply higher people that would follow my wishes. So for excavation, liner laying, plumbing and electrical work, I got a professional company to do it, but I did the landscaping and everything in between. This task was made more difficult as I had to concentrate on my studies as well, howvever, I am very excited and pleased with the final product tough.
  • Japanese koi from Japan with a single Malaysian breed comet.
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