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The pond is finally finished!

In the beginning I watched a few videos by the pond digger and decided to create an 8'x11' kidney shaped pond (~1500 gallons). Not really sure what I'm doing, so bought the following kit (https://www.halfoffponds.com/Koi-Pond-Kit-p/2690.htm) to make my life a little simpler. I had the yard marked for any existing lines (power, cable, etc) and then got the layout exactly where we wanted it and started digging.

Planning and Construction

Once I started digging, I quickly realized this was no small undertaking. First, I wanted to transplant the grass from the area we were digging, since I have a couple bare spots at the edge of our yard. So, I dug out square sections of about 12"x12" and 6" deep, then moved them to where I wanted the grass (I had already broken up the soil in the bare areas, to hopefully make the transplant work). Once I finished with that top layer, the real digging started. In Oklahoma, we have "red dirt." Basically, the top 12" is soft top soil. Then everything beneath that is compacted clay, making digging a real hassle.

Retaining wall was placed approximately 2 feet behind the waterfall (but in retrospect, I should have carried it all the way along the length of the fence on the left side)
Shelves are approximately 12" for each step, at 3 total levels.
Cinder blocks were used to form the shape of the waterfall (with the tubing from the skimmer running up through the hollow cinder blocks to keep it protected).

I did learn the hard way that I should have moved that dirt away from the hole as I was doing this. I had a heavy rain happen after I laid down the liner and the first few rocks. I ended up with a giant mud pit inside the liner and had to pump/scoop it all out. Trust me... it's not fun!

Fish / Plant Stock

Update: We now have 3 little goldfish in our pond. They are happily feeding off the algae, plus the little bit of fish food I toss in there once in a while. We have added a few plants, but I honestly have no idea what any of them are. Feel free to identify them and send me a PM so I can add it here!

No inhabitants yet. We did have to remove a "non-native" species from our yard during the dig though. Someone apparently buried their power saw years ago?? Just hope it's not the murder weapon from an unsolved mystery!

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