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I made my own out of a security camera cover £17, polystyrene and clear acrylic sealant, also bought a pack of fake lilies £11 and fixed them in a circle to throw over the dome to cover the polystyrene, it looks pretty but has to be watertight where the dome is fixed to the polystyrene.
I did this because I’m not willing to pay at the least £80 for something that may not work
Pond is 2 meters across and we have 8 small goldfish
It took a few days and then suddenly they can’t get enough of it, sometimes
it seems they really like it, they glide up into it and stay still appearing to look around and enjoy the heat
They can definitely see what’s going on outside as when we approach the pond they dart away, but if we approach slowly or are sitting still by the pond they soon appear sometimes all 8can be seen either in it or underneath
Best and most rewarding thing I’ve ever made, needs a clean about once a week, but it’s only been in for a month during this hot spell so may need cleaned less

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