10K Pond what setup should i use? In the COLD NORTH

Aug 16, 2011
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Regina, SK, CAN
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ok so here it is a rough i dea of what i was thinking for my pond. The prob is were that big red box is i was gonna put my pressureized filter assembly and UV light. Now talking with a few of you here everyone seems to like the SKIPPY filter idea and many say it works great? WELL how big am i gonna have to go i was thinking maybe 2 50gal tubs, or 1 100gal depends what is gonna work better. FOR 10,000gal dont seem enough filteration for me so i was thinking of putting in a Skimmer with a filtration setup in it to. As i have read on here that the SKIPPY filters acutally need a certain flow or HANG TIME in order for them to do there job selecting pumps will be easy.The second pump will be for the current jets and a small waterfall island that im going to build inbetween the 2 bottom drains. Ahh just found the tubs i need so maybe 2 75gal tanks, or 1 150gal tank. CAN SoMEONE TELL ME WHAT WILL WORK. anyways i found ppl using a venturi on a submersiable pump now i liked that idea only thing is cavitaion in the pump, i gonna try to figure a desgin for a external pump and then maybe run the air through the current jets to. ill post som more pics so ppl kinda got a idea the deepest part will be 5' 10". The other prob i have is i live in REGINA, SASK, CAN. it can get to minus 45 deg C for days . I found a kinda dome to put over it and everyone says it works great the thing im worried about is the filters freezing off. AND NO I DONT| WANT fish inside the house lol way to much work. as for a lil heat i will be plumbing in a few propane lines were the island will be for kinda of a flame show sounds crazy but i got everything to do it for free so why not . Well let me know your ideas beacuse one thought isnt enough thank you all.


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