Adding onto existing pond?

Jan 15, 2009
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I am new here and kinda new to the pond building. I have been reading the post and looking at everyone's pond pictures. Love em !! I have noticed lots of folks talking about their "1st ponds" and I found myself smiling just thinking about how I wish I had made mine bigger. I guess you can't have a pond TOO BIG or too many ponds!!! My pond is about 6'x8'x3'. I have a liner in my pond with rocks around the edges. I am wondering if and how I might be able to add onto this existing pond ? I understand there is some type of glue to which you can attach the two liners together, but frankly....I am afraid over time it will leak?So ..... do I need to remove the fish ( I really don't know where I would put them ) and liner and just start digging the existing pond, buy one new liner ? Any ideas on this would be helpful. And I think I will check on getting someone to come in with a machine this time. I have had back surgery since I dug my pond, there is No way I could dig this hard clay dirt again. Wonder how expensive that would be? Thanks for any help you all may be able to offer. I am really enjoying reading the post ( learning plenty) and your pictures !


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