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Discussion in 'Pond Construction & Equipment' started by NotMyCircus, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. NotMyCircus


    May 28, 2017
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    Hello! I'm looking forward to getting my pond going in the next few weeks if the weather cooperates. It was a brutal winter here with temps far below zero for a period of time. I didn't expect my 2 goldfish to survive but I have seen one of them swimming around a little.

    Everything I've read says I should disassemble my pump and clean it before starting it up again. According to the owners manual, there are 4 screws located on the rear that are supposed to be loosened in order to disassemble it. The problem is, there are no heads on those screws. I can remove 4 screws on the inlet end but they don't seem to have any effect. What am I missing here? Do I have it all mixed up? If I can't disassemble the pump to clean it, will it be OK to just reconnect it and start it up?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
    NotMyCircus, Mar 4, 2018
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  2. NotMyCircus


    Jul 3, 2017
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    Looked up on YouTube under monsoon pond pump maintenance. Looks like take screen off, remove four screws on inlet/impeller cover, rotate counterclockwise and then can access impeller/rotor assembly.

    Depends on pumps age whether it should be cleaned or not and how it is being used, ie directly in pond or in skimmer. Never hurts to clean it though.
    Jhn, Mar 4, 2018
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