Anti-Frog People Strike Again

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by ~ jan, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. ~ jan

    ~ jan Guest

    As some of you know, I have neighbors that don't like my frogs.

    This spring I've been vigilant about keeping the population down to no more
    than 2-3 frogs before I go out and catch them. These neighbors have been
    gone most of spring break and knowing they would return today I caught all
    but 1 last night. During the night at least 1 or 2 joined it, which I'll
    catch tonight. Unfortunately my compromise isn't working. One of the frogs
    decided to croak during the day and I got "the complaint" e-mail. I was

    "Once again the noise level is such that it
    is affecting my ability to sleep at night and to relax
    during the day and evening."

    And they HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN THERE!!! And only ONE frog was croaking!!! Not a
    whole chorus. And that is SO abnormal for them to croak during the day

    Needless to say, I no longer find the joy in my frogs thanks to these
    sh*tty neighbors, so I guess it will be no more frogs for me, if I can
    prevent them. :-( ~ jan
    ~ jan, Apr 9, 2007
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  2. ~ jan

    Kurt Guest

    Reminds me of an upscale area next to State Park out here in Ventura
    County. Ranger told me that one wealthy idiot who lives in big bux home
    has been raising hell with Park Service to get owls removed from park
    because they keep him up at night.
    Kurt, Apr 9, 2007
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  3. ~ jan

    kthirtya Guest

    Wildlife can be so darned annoying!

    At least owls, in the US, are protected.
    First thing, when jan's neighbors piped up,
    I tried to find out if our native frogs
    were endangered. They aren't. rats!

    Today DH took the labradors hiking on
    a sage brushy open area and came home
    early. Too warm, too windy? No, he came
    across his second rattlesnake and decided
    that he, and the dogs, were pushing their

    k :)
    kthirtya, Apr 9, 2007
  4. So many idiots, so little ammunition...

    I _can_ understand how owls could be annoying. Every year except last year
    we've had Saw-whet owls. Saw-whets emit a 1/2 second "G" about every 1 or
    2 seconds (like katydids, frequency seems to be related to temperature).
    They could get on your nerves, I guess, but last year I didn't hear a
    single one, and I miss them.
    Derek Broughton, Apr 9, 2007
  5. ~ jan

    Kurt Guest

    Just the thought that many people expect urban environment in a rural
    settings is annoying enough, but money talks in so many places.
    Kurt, Apr 9, 2007
  6. ~ jan

    ~ jan Guest

    AhMazing! I hope the Ranger laughed. ~ jan
    ~ jan, Apr 9, 2007
  7. ~ jan

    Altum Guest

    That sucks. Out of curiosity, what happens if you can't catch all the
    frogs? It's nice to have good relationships with neighbors, but it
    sounds like they're asking for something that's almost impossible.
    Altum, Apr 9, 2007
  8. ~ jan

    drsolo Guest

    you need to make the case for those frogs holding down the mosquito and fly
    populations. they are fighting West Nile Virus, etc. Ingrid
    drsolo, Apr 9, 2007
  9. ~ jan

    drsolo Guest

    I used to net Saw-Whets in fall at the field station (for banding). They
    are the cutest little owls on earth. They had to pat met down before I left
    to make sure I wasnt trying to smuggle one home.

    well some people pay bocu bucks for their "nature sound" machine so they can
    get to sleep. I think some people are miserable and like to spread their
    misery around. Ingrid

    "Derek Broughton" wrote in message
    . Every year except last year
    drsolo, Apr 9, 2007
  10. Too bad about the neighbors.

    Our pond was just warming up at night when this cold front came it.
    Our Fowler's toads are doing their calling thing! Crickets on speed.
    Once they get going, we are talking 5-20 at a time...just outside the
    bedroom. It is sort of like a get used to it. Too bad
    your neighbors haven't.

    Phyllis and Jim, Apr 9, 2007
  11. ~ jan

    G Pearce Guest

    I find it really hard to believe you net all your frogs and relocate them on
    an ongoing basis just to appease your snooty neighbours. Have you asked the
    police or wildlife people if you have any rights in this regard , or has
    this already been visited by you or your 'neighbour'. As far as keeping the
    peace with them, I doubt that's possible. After they get their way on this,
    they will be bolder with the next complaint
    BTW - Didn't your son or sons have a band at one time - how did the
    neighbour deal with that??
    Gale :~)
    G Pearce, Apr 9, 2007
  12. ~ jan

    Reel McKoi Guest

    "Phyllis and Jim" wrote in message
    I'm wondering how Jan's neighbors tolerate the cicadas, birds and crickets
    of summer?!?!?! Spring and summer are the time of life and life isn't
    silent. How sad they can't just enjoy the sounds of nature. If I had
    neighbors like that I'd be in deep trouble because we can't get rid of the
    bullfrogs. For every one I haul off to the lake another shows up to take his
    place. The only reason I remove them is they eat the smaller koi and
    goldfish. The rest of the toads and froggies out there are music to my ears
    (as long as they're not under my bedroom window.)

    Frugal ponding since 1995.
    rec.ponder since late 1996.
    My Pond & Aquarium Pages:
    Zone 6. Middle TN USA
    ~~~~ } ~~~ }
    Reel McKoi, Apr 9, 2007
  13. ~ jan

    kthirtya Guest

    That was me, Gale, that hosted a band for
    three years. My neighbors are all saintly, they
    have no problem with tree frogs, renegade
    bullfrogs and hordes of teenagers.
    We did soundproof the familyroom windows
    and that helped a lot. We also handed out
    free cds from the boys and when the newspaper
    came to interview them we praised our neighbors
    in print. The band is scattered to colleges from
    NY to Arizona now and we miss them. But we don't
    miss the noise!

    k :)
    kthirtya, Apr 9, 2007
  14. ~ jan

    G Pearce Guest

    That was me, Gale, that hosted a band for
    I must be losing it - I thought one of Jan's sons was in a band - I knew you
    talked about it and assumed it was the same band
    Anywho - You did a very good job of pre-emptive damage control (probably a
    little late for Jan)
    Gale :~)
    G Pearce, Apr 9, 2007
  15. Hi Jan..

    Hmm.., is this possibly a question of so called "Good

    Or does it have any *legal* background relating to your
    *special* location (or situation)..?
    Marco Schwarz, Apr 9, 2007
  16. ~ jan

    ~ jan Guest

    It really does "suck" as frogs have been a big focus in my ponding life.
    How I got these neighbors, of all people, next to us is beyond me, but oh
    well. I can't move, and the city backs them. As far as catching the frogs,
    luckily it is a formal pond, so I can manage it at night they don't see me
    coming and aren't scared of the flashlight. So I net them right off the

    These people are just lucky we're not ornery cause next backyard party of
    theirs my DH could gas up his big old chipper vac. ~ jan
    ~ jan, Apr 10, 2007
  17. ~ jan

    Bill Stock Guest

    "~ jan" wrote in message
    Better still, file a noise complaint. They're disturbing the quiet enjoyment
    of your frogs.
    Bill Stock, Apr 10, 2007
  18. ~ jan

    Kurt Guest

    She had a good attitude about it, but you know it bothers her.
    Another story about the same park (Located in Thousand Oaks) When I was
    hiking around there last Summer, I remarked to the same ranger about the
    abundance of water in the waterfalls and stream despite it being middle
    of Summer. Water was fairly stinky in standing water areas.

    "Yes, all that water comes from lawn and car wash runoff. We spend a lot
    of time trying to keep the area kids out of the water."
    Kurt, Apr 10, 2007
  19. ~ jan

    ~ jan Guest

    Oh, I have a story about that:

    Surprise at My Ponds (6/27/2006)

    Tuesday morning I stepped out to get the paper to see 2 guys in blue shirts
    walking off my property with a mosquito dipper in their hands. "WHAT THE
    H*LL?" I think as I note their truck is parked 3 houses up. "WHAT THE
    H*LL?" I think again. I was just a tad ticked.

    Now... many of you will remember my troubles with neighbors who don't
    appreciate nature, in particular tree frogs mating.

    To see why they had been on my property without even a courtesy knock, I
    headed up to where their truck was parked. They see me coming, and it's
    like, "Oops, we're caught." So they walk back towards me. I ask, "So you
    guys don't come knock when you come on private property?"

    "Well, ah, we were just checking the area and noticed your pond and took a
    quick check." To which I said there was no way they could have "noticed"
    from the street. So I told them what I thought, that they got a complaint
    and rather than come talk to me, thinking they were avoiding a
    confrontation, they got one anyway. Had they come knocked I would have
    showed them the whole yard and that there are more water holding
    receptacles on my property than my lily pond to be worried about. Of course
    they're all safe, between fish, taddies, or Bt. That's when the one guy
    mentioned it was a yellow tub, one I set up to quarantine a T.lily, that
    got their attention. The yellow tub can only be seen if you walk right up
    to the fence, so much for "just noticed it." I think what they did was use
    the dipper over the fence, BECAUSE the gate is LOCKED. Who'd of thought I'd
    be keeping out ADULTS!!!!

    Needless to say, they didn't find anything! (Now that would have been

    When I came inside I was still upset, and I had yet to remember my yard
    being locked, so I was wondering where else had these guys put their little
    "who knows where it has been" dipper?

    So I decided to call the Mosquito District and talk to the Manager. I
    discussed the situation with him, and he told me they should have knocked.
    He also said they had gotten a complaint in the area, so they were checking
    the whole neighborhood. I mentioned the situation with my neighbor (I wish
    I would have added if there are more mosquitos in the neighborhood it is
    because I had to remove 37 frogs!). He said that my address didn't stick
    out as one being on the list. I also mentioned the dipper and that *I
    assumed* they didn't sterilize that between tests? He knew right away I was
    concerned about cross contamination. So the yellow tub is being drained (no
    T.lily yet) and sun dried. He did say that they weren't suppose to use that
    in a residential area, just observe. So shame on them, 2 counts!

    I guess I'll have to add that to my neighborhood frog letter next year, how
    I keep the mosquito larva controlled around here. I'm even being so careful
    as to put dunks in my filter barrels this year. I don't think the water
    moves enough, the surface looks way too calm for my comfort. After all, I
    don't want to be bit either!

    The manager asked how I would rate the mosquitoes this season, and I said
    they haven't been bad at all this year. Both DH & I have been bit once so
    far, the boys not at all. I usually put tons of spray or lotion on, and I
    haven't even been doing that. I've used some, but I tend to have to get bit
    a couple of times before I'm real good about it.
    ~ jan, Apr 10, 2007
  20. ~ jan

    Nick Cramer Guest

    Edit it down and send it to "Letters to the Editor" at your local
    newspapers, too! Mosquito larvae are good frog food, as you observed. ;-)
    Nick Cramer, Apr 10, 2007
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