Any SF Bay people here? New owner of my former house wants to re-home the fish and turtle...

Sep 10, 2015
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United States
I'm so unhappy as they really loved the fish and turtle like I did. Seems they've had to turn off
the water to the property and they are worried about the evaporation leading to too low
water levels and becoming unhealthy for the fish. I've given them #'s of 3 people who
said they'd help but wondering if any Bay Area people are interested in getting involved?
Lots of comets, one very large koi with the potential of several other whitish ones, and a
very happy red-eared slider.

Makes me so very sad but one contact, the guy who put in the filter and waterfall, said
he could rehome the fish.

I'm moving out of the area soon but still care about the fish and turtle obviously.


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