Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pump Remote & Receiver Kit

Jan 8, 2020
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We've been using Aquascape products for over 10 years now, We had two large interconnected ponds (20' x 20') with two Aquascape skimmers, pumps and waterfall. The system ran for 10 years (24 x 7 x 365) without having to replace any pumps or components. When we moved and decided to build a new pond it was an EASY decision to use Acquaspare products again. We installed an Aquascape 4000 variable pump, remote & receiver kit. The remote/receiver stopped working and the system was just over 2 years. I contacted Aquascape Customer Service and they walked us through how to reset the system. Unfortunately the reset did not work so Aquascape shipped us a new remote & controller kit. The system is working PERFECT again!

Way to go Aquascape! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Happy Customer, Kevin


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