Backyard natural pond....needs work to become beautiful

May 13, 2020
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Hi, I have a somewhat natural pond in my backyard. It was dug as a well for our water 8 years ago, but it did not fill fast enough for a well. We left it and 8 years later it desperately needs some work. The water level stays great even in the dead of summer. We have frogs, but would like to make it a beautiful water feature in our yard. The plant life around it needs some work as it is just some hollow grass type plants that have all now after the winter are laying in the water.

The size of the pond was about 8ft deep, but we will measure it soon as it maybe less now after 8 years of settling. It is also about 8ft wide as well. It is horrible looking now with dead debris, plants and old logs in and near it. I guess I thought it if I left it on it's own it would take care of itself, plus I did not want to disturb the frog habitat. Boy was I guess I was wrong! This year we would like to get it clear and add new plant life and aeration to the pond. It is in an area around trees, so we will need to remove the debris regularly.

I am wondering since the water level is not far from the lawn level if we should have some sort of plant shelf that is higher than the lawn? We also have a ton of spare flat rock that we can utilize. Also, we are looking to get koi fish as well, so that will depend on the depth of our pond that still needs to be measured. I am researching aerators right now that will work for the depth and size of our pond.

Any feedback you can give as we live in Nova Scotia, Canada where winters can get quite harsh.


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