Big leak, big problem

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by Nan & Rich Zitney, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. We had terrible storms a week ago and lost 3 or 4 trees to winds -
    they just snapped off halfway up - we're talking 40 - 50' trees. And
    a big branch fell into the pond pucturing the liner. We are letting
    the water level go down trying to find the hole and patch it. The fish
    need to be moved to upper pond for safekeeping - it's gonna be tight
    in there for them, but the best we can do, and run filter on that
    small pond.
    Since we're retired now, and so much older than when we built the
    pond, replacing a liner will be a major job, and $350. expense. What a
    mess. Pond is 11 x 17' and just under 3' deep in the middle near the
    bottom drain.
    Any good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. Some of our fish
    are 24", gonna be a trip catching them. Wish us luck!!
    Nan in DE
    Nan & Rich Zitney, Aug 27, 2009
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  2. Nan & Rich Zitney

    info Guest

    Yuck, what a mess. If the pond you are moving your fish to is a lot smaller
    you may want to consider bird netting the pond so they don't jump out and
    also keep predators out.

    Do you need to replace the liner? Can't you find the hole and patch it?

    Netting is also a good way to catch those big fish, just lay it across the
    bottom and lift.

    San Diego Joe
    4,000 - 5,000 Gallons.
    Koi, Goldfish, and RES named Colombo.
    info, Aug 27, 2009
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  3. Nan & Rich Zitney

    ~ jan Guest

    Sending good vibes, Nan, so sorry mother nature sent you a blow.

    When it has come to netting koi I found my larger ones easier than my small
    ones, who moved faster and hid better. Drain the water down and get a good
    koi sock net. That's the only net recommended to lift a koi safely from
    water, imho. Otherwise the suggestion is to bag them in the pond and lift
    them with water. I did well enough just lifting the fish in the koi sock
    and passing it to others on the side without water.

    Keep us posted on what works and if maybe when you can see the bottom
    perhaps it can be patched? How big is the small pond, btw? And how many
    fish do you currently have? ~ jan
    ~ jan, Aug 28, 2009
  4. Nan & Rich Zitney

    Nanzi Guest

    We have about 20 fish, some are rescue goldfish from a neighbors
    leaking pond 2 years ago! We have about 6 24" ers, and about 8 12"+-
    Small pond is 300 gallons tops. Cannot keep them in there too long
    even with well filtered water.
    Facebook pond group told me how to find the leak with drops of milk
    and watching where it drained to.
    Will I find patch materials at Lowes or Home Depot? I think it is
    EDPM. And assume I must use same and proper glue for patch.
    You're all right about what a mess. Half tempted to give fish away and
    fill in pond. Just sick about it.
    Nanzi, Aug 28, 2009
  5. Nan & Rich Zitney

    ~ jan Guest

    Yikes, that's not very big for that many fish. Speaking of giving some
    away, maybe re-home those goldfish and some koi, keeping only your most
    favorite? Good luck with the milk.

    You can get EPDM patch material... depends on your hardware store. You can
    order it on-line, that's all I know. It is suppose to work best with a
    patch placed on both sides of the leak. Keep us posted. ~ jan
    ~ jan, Aug 29, 2009
  6. Nan & Rich Zitney

    Kurt Guest

    Cant see any kind of decent patch replacement done unless the portion to
    be repaired is dry. You still need to get water level below hole.
    Not likely, since the hole is probably on the bottom (most pressure,
    walking in pond, etc..) .
    Kurt, Aug 31, 2009
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