Big Pond - big trouble (x posted)

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by Sky-Catcher, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Sky-Catcher

    Sky-Catcher Guest


    I originally posted this in the un moderated group but was advised to post
    here (away from the trolls!).

    A friend got a bit carried away with a digger and now has a rectangular pond
    holding 200,000 litres - and the water is green and full of fish - now he
    wants to know how he can filter it & keep on top of the green water
    problem - any suggestions (he isn't very handy!) - he is in the UK



    ps he likes it and doesn't want to fill half of it in!
    Sky-Catcher, Jun 28, 2007
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  2. Sky-Catcher

    k Guest

    Hi Sky!
    Glad you found us!
    I noted Solo gave you an answer on RP.
    We have other folks here with larger ponds
    who can answer also.

    My thoughts - if it is stuffed full of fish, it might
    need to be thinned out. Too many fish means
    too many nutrients for the green water (suspended,
    free floating algae cells) and might be using up
    too much oxygen to keep them all alive.

    Some more information would be helpful ~
    how deep is the pond, is it uniformly deep?
    is there electricity available to the pond?
    what is your friend's goals for the pond?
    is there any danger of runoff going into the pond?

    k :) ~ new pond keeper info ~ slide show of pond
    k, Jun 28, 2007
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  3. Sky-Catcher

    Sky-Catcher Guest

    It is uniformly 3ft deep and rectangular in shape. It can have power close
    by & he would like to be able to see his fish (i.e. clear water!). It is
    safe from runoff (it is fairly formal in its design.


    "k" wrote in message
    Sky-Catcher, Aug 29, 2007
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