Design for contemporary pond and bog filter

Aug 12, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I'm looking for feedback on a pond design. This is my first major pond so I want to get the design nailed down before I start construction.

I'm going a little against the grain as I want to have fairly contemporary main pond, by which I mean vertical sides and no rocks or gravel in the pond, feed by a bog /wetland filter, which will have rocks, gravel etc.

pond model.png

The above picture is a bit stark but it gives and idea, it's got no planting in, the deck/patio needs modifying.

I intend to use a bottom drain which feeds into one side of the bog via settlement tank and a skimmer which feeds into the other side.

pond underside .png

pond topside .png

I found a company here in the UK which will do box welded liners for curved ponds at sensible prices, they just need vertical walls. I'm in mainly clay soil, but intend to build the wall up with hollow concrete blocks. To keep cost down I may join a second liner for the long side and bog filter section.

I intend to use soakaway crates, twin wall pipe and inspections chambers for filter, I managed to find a very low cost supplier for the plastics in the filter so I intend to use soakaway crates, twin wall pipe and inspections chambers for filter.

I'm currently thinking about the plumbing required and then I need to plan electrics, lights and any jets I may need.

Any thoughts or insight will be much apricated.



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