Emergency: pond water level drop off 3/4 and substrate removed! Fish clamped and struggling

May 13, 2019
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United States
So i am visiting a friend who's apartment complex has pond. Is water level has dropped by 3\4 since this morning due to someone playing with the pump and cleaning out the ponds substrate(sediment etc on bottom). Three fish are clamped and in distress and no one knows what to do on staff presently nor who is in charge of the ponds care. These fishare in distress and I'm not familiar with ponds but have indoor rank experience. What should i do to ease the problem to carry them through the night best until their care giver is notified and arrives?


Apr 10, 2010
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Phoenix AZ
I assume you only have a chlorinated water supply and no access to chlorine remover so adding water is an issue. However, if the choice is between chlorine causing damage and certain death of the fish I would risk the chlorine. Has to be your call. I would only add as little water as I thought would keep the fish alive. I don't know what kind of fish are in the pond, or the size of the pond, but goldfish and koi would probably be fine with a 3/4 drop if the fish are covered and not having to lay on their side.

If you add chlorinated water put the out flow away from the fish as much as you can. Letting it flow over bare liner or whatever. And move the inflow around once in awhile. The idea is that there is organic material there which will react with the chlorine and reducing the chlorine level. If able the fish will want to swim toward the flow and you don't want that of course.

You should have the permission of the property owner or their agent. If you do anything without permission you would be liable for any damage and good intentions do not count in court.

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