Expanding my current pond

Mar 9, 2011
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Hi everyone my wife and I bought our place about a year ago and it has a pond already but last summer we had lots of problems with blue heroines and hair alge so I have decided to redo it. Currentley the pond is 6 x 18 and approxt 2.5 ft deep at the deep end. I have done a ton of research on my own and I know I'm on the right path.

I want to expand it to 10 x 22 and 5ft deep at bottom drains and the rough volume of 8,300gal ish. I know all my current stuff is too small and I'm trying to decide what to buy based on budget. Bottom pond 5ft deep to a water fall height 4ft high 18 inches wide ish. I need some advice of what gear I should use. I have a pondmaster 3600 that I was going to reusue im my skimmer box. The idea is to set it up with a decent filtration so the maintiance will be less than last year. We are also putting a floating foutnian in.

I have no idea about pump size, filter?

My plan is to have 2 bottom drains, 1 current jet, 1 skimmer a 2 tear waterfall. Should I use concrete or a pond liner?

If anyone has any ideas/recomendations I would greatley appreciate it. If anone knows how to protect my fish that would be great too. We have tried the decoy, scarecrow sprinkler and the bird is well seasoned in cleaing out peoples ponds nets are ugly.

I really appreciate everyones time and ideas.

Newbie pond guy.





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Jun 23, 2010
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Deep and straight sides helps the best with your fish protection. Leave no comfortable place for them to stand near the pond. I would think some fishing line strung a foot high around your pond like a fence would keep them from getting close enough to fish. Nice set up you have, post pictures and questions as you go and all will try to help you.

and welcome to the group

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