Fish lice?


Aug 9, 2017
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Sorry I’ve been away so long and only posting because I need help. I’ll attach the best photo I could get.

I bought 3 small goldfish, 2-3” from local dealer. They are in quarantine in a 30 gallon container. One seems to have fish lice. In the photo there are 2 white strings a few mm in length. It may be hard to tell but there are dark spots under the scales. These are the only visible parasites. Not noticed on others but are shubunkins are harder to spot.

Ammonia is 0, haven’t tested anything else but will. water is 65 F. I noticed this condition a couple days after purchase. Advice needed.

Options seem to be euthanize, keep in isolation and let fish get healthy in healthy water ( will parasite die off?), or treat. Hesitant to treat, don’t want to dress fish by removing for treatment which I am guessing the stress of getting caught for purchase was an issue. Don’t want to treat in holding tank and upset bio filter.



The “strings” are near dorsal fin, first one is about half way between nose and base of tail, next is towards the tail. Not visible but there is small grayish under scale and hard to tell, but may have some movement. Thanks.
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