Happy new year

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by Pete C, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Pete C

    Pete C Guest

    Happy new year to all ponders, may your troubles be tiddlers :)
    Pete C, Jan 1, 2008
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  2. Pete C

    ~ jan Guest

    Same to you Pete and everyone else.

    May your 2008
    Be absolutely GREAT! ~ jan
    ~ jan, Jan 1, 2008
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  3. Pete C

    Reel McKoi Guest

    "Pete C" wrote in message
    Happy New Year to you too! :)

    Frugal ponding since 1995.
    rec.ponder since late 1996.
    Zone 6. Middle TN USA
    ~~~~ } ~~~ }
    Reel McKoi, Jan 1, 2008
  4. Pete C

    k Guest

    Happy 2008 to everyone!!
    (and for those of us in the USA ~ watch out for
    free roaming politicians!)

    k :)
    "True Terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high
    school class is running the country" - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
    k, Jan 1, 2008
  5. Pete C

    Gill Passman Guest

    Happy New Year to all........

    Getting excited as the long wait to finish off my pond is getting closer
    to ending......just a few months more til I can continue the planting
    and get some fish :)

    Gill Passman, Jan 1, 2008
  6. Hi..

    Happy new year 2008 to you, all (the other) ponders, summer ponders and
    aquarium keepers..! :)
    Marco Schwarz, Jan 3, 2008
  7. Hi Gill,

    We look forward to seeing your pond as it progresses. May your case
    of ponditis become incurable.

    Happy new year.

    Jim and Phyllis
    Phyllis and Jim, Jan 3, 2008
  8. Pete C

    Peter Corser Guest

    Compliments returned from Peter C in Leighton Buzzard!
    Peter Corser, Jan 6, 2008
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