hello all from picca in California

Aug 25, 2009
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Modesto, CA
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My name is Suzie (or picca). I've been a fish enthusiast for about 7 years. This picture was taken about a year ago at my previous residence (I bought a new house in December) and it features Cowboy and Princess, my big, beautiful koi that I lost a couple months ago to anchor worm (as far as I could figure anyway), as well as another koi. All 5 of my goldfish were not affected. I had another koi in a smaller seperate pond that survived also. These 6 seemed lonely w/o the big guys so I bought another young koi a month ago, Bob's his name. Yes, I am one of those strange ones that names all my fish...how else could I call them individually to me?:bye2:

My new pond is much bigger than at my old house...yet, still not big enough! It's a very simple setup with pvc liner, small filter, fountain, a huge curly rush plant, and a half-eaten water lily (those silly fish).

I recently posted a thread about finding a baby fish that may be from Cowboy and Princess ( I can only hope). (in case you're wondering, it's name is Shilo):nono: I will post pictures of the 'baby' soon.

Glad to have found this forum, looking forward to learning more, and sharing as well



Aug 29, 2007
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Fallbrook, Ca USA
Welcome to the Forum. You are off to a good start with your introduction. We look forward to helping you and hopefully you will have something to give back.

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