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Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by kathateria, May 25, 2011.

  1. kathateria

    kathateria Guest

    Im Kathy,and have recently put in a wildlife pond.I keep chopping and
    changing my mind!
    I used aquatic compost for the plants...big mistake,the water was
    green.I moved the majority of compost,from the margins,and used
    gravel,for the plants to root in, instead.Its nice and clear 4 days
    I did cheat though,and replaced the majority of the green water (so I
    could get to the the margins properly)
    im waiting for the rain to fill the rest of it now,so its still not
    properly finished. There are large rocks,for the birds and frogs to
    access the pond,and also for frogs to exit,which are on the margins.Ive
    put water cress on the edge,to also act as a step/ledge/hiding place for
    frogs too.

    Prior to the pond,I had a submerged washing up bowl, for frogs!Around
    the edges of this,I have patio plants,so decided to use this around the
    edge of the new pond,to disguise the edges.
    I put gravel around the edges of the pond,for now,until the plants grow
    (dont know why,I just had lots left over!) I will change that soon,Im
    never happy. I Just with the plants would grow now! Thats it,for now. I
    will put some pics,of the progress!
    kathateria, May 25, 2011
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  2. kathateria

    Jim Guest

    Sounds like you are learning fast, Kathy.

    Good move to get rid of the cmpost nutrients.

    Many ponders get rid of the gravel as it collects muck. Plants then
    end up rooted in pots of various sorts. Then the muck moves more
    freely into the filter.

    You did not say how large your pond is.

    As you keep changing it, keep writng. People will have lots of
    comments from their experience. Actually, you can search the archives
    to find comments on most things.

    Enjoy your pond!
    Jim, May 26, 2011
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