I Fancy a FishMate !

Jun 13, 2013
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Barnsley, South Yorkshire
OK so I am in the process of digging at the side of my existing 5,000 pond to eventually joing them up to around 8,000 Litres.

I am seriously thinking aboiut purchasing a Clear Pond System: 15000 PS - The one with the 9000 Pump.

The lowest point of the Pond is 6Ft and from that to the height of my waterfall with be just below 8Ft.

Questions are :-

1) Does this sound like a good setup with around 10 fish between 10 and 20 CMs ?

2) Should the filter be placed at the top of the setup (i.e at the height of the waterfall) or can / would it be better at the top level of the pond with the pump in the lowest level of the pond

3) What Pipe size is best to use for this setup ?

Is there any other advice you could offer at this stage, the next questions will be about liner but that's in a forthcoming new topic.

Thanks in advance


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