Koi Food - what are you feeding your koi?

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by W Dale, May 30, 2008.

  1. W Dale

    W Dale Guest

    Greetings all!

    I have fed my koi everything from Wardley's (when I first started my
    pond) to so called "custom blended" new england breeders special koi

    Now that I have re dug my pond (I think this is my 3rd dig - the 1st,
    a 2nd in 2006 and now my 3rd where I 'fix everything that was not
    exactly right and adding bottom drains) and am just about ready to
    refill it and put the koi back.

    However, I have some food that is 1 year old that has been stored in
    the basement and I have been reading that food more than 6 months old
    is useless. I am considering feeding my koi, many which are more than
    12 inches long now, a 'better, higher quality' food such as (hype time
    - good marketing too!) Saki Hikari Koi food.or that like.

    What are many of you out there feeding your koi? I am convinced that
    food quality is important yet, I don't want to just set my few
    remaining dollars (after I buy gasoline for my car!) on fire with
    overly expensive food for my koi.

    I look forward to your insights and suggestions.

    Have a great weekend!
    W. Dale
    W Dale, May 30, 2008
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  2. W Dale

    JB Guest

    Hey, that's my question! ;-)

    Look back to the thread started on 3/16/08, titled "What are You
    Feeding? Where are you Buying"

    Me. I'm currently serving Sho Koi.


    "W Dale" wrote in message
    JB, May 31, 2008
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  3. Though it may not be as good for them, Phyllis and I have used catfish
    food for more than a decade. I gather it is growth oriented. Our koi
    and goldies seem to be thriving on it (and the bluegills in our acre
    pond). It is so cheap at $12/50 pound bag that we cannot see feeding
    other food to our $3.95 koi.

    Others will have more formal advice for you.

    Phyllis and Jim, May 31, 2008
  4. W Dale

    Reel McKoi Guest

    "W Dale" wrote in message
    My koi are thriving and breeding like rabbits on inexpensive trout and
    catfish chow with treats of kitten chow, bread, earthworms and a high meat
    canned dog food. They're not obese as some people fear they become on
    cheaper foods. Fish get obese when overfed.

    Frugal ponding since 1995.
    rec.ponder since late 1996.
    Zone 6. Middle TN USA
    ~~~~ } ~~~ }
    Reel McKoi, May 31, 2008
  5. W Dale

    Reel McKoi Guest

    "Phyllis and Jim" wrote in message
    Mine have been thriving on catfish and trout food the same amount of time. I
    can't justify paying the outrageous prices they charge for koi food.

    Frugal ponding since 1995.
    rec.ponder since late 1996.
    Zone 6. Middle TN USA
    ~~~~ } ~~~ }
    Reel McKoi, May 31, 2008
  6. W Dale

    W Dale Guest

    Hey JB!
    I see your thread now! I really did look for something but I guess I
    over looked it. So sorry!
    I had heard about the trout food and all and was wondering what
    commercial koi food people are using and recommending. I have use
    much less expensive food too, but would like to try something
    different this year. I have even remodeled my pond this season and
    thought I would see how the koi like the new digs and what effect the
    so called higher quality commercial koi food may have on them.
    Thanks !
    W. Dale
    W Dale, May 31, 2008
  7. W Dale

    ~ jan Guest

    Toss it. Now if it had been kept in a (non-auto defrost) freezer it
    probably would have still been good.
    Shokoi here also. I keep all my koi food frozen and only take out what I'll
    use in about a week. I buy from Western Pond Supplies as they have free
    shipping if you spend over $60.

    I also like to feed Manda Fu, but the shipping was ridiculously high for
    something as light as packing peanuts. So I passed on that this year. I
    also feed thawed frozen peas. ~ jan
    ~ jan, Jun 1, 2008
  8. W Dale

    ~ jan Guest

    IMO, It isn't the commercial food people you want to listen to, but people
    who have spent bucco bucks on an education around what is best for fish.
    http://www.akca.org/kht/nutrit.pdf ~ jan
    ~ jan, Jun 1, 2008
  9. W Dale


    GF and koi need protein for building mass and oil for energy. They dont digest or
    utilize carbohydrates. Koi have "short" digestive tracts so carbs will not get
    broken down fast enough anyway before the digesting mass is expelled into the water.
    In the water it will continue to be broken down by bacteria and produce wastes.

    There are big differences in land based nutrients and those in the water.

    land plants also need a lot of cellulose to "stand up" whereas water based plants
    dont need much cellulose. this makes land based plant material difficult to digest.
    The same is true of proteins. Plants have no muscle, so they have very low levels of
    proteins and those they have are enzymes. The oil in land plants can withstand a lot
    of heat and desiccation, whereas "water based" oils quickly go rancid at room temp.
    So fish starts going "bad" very fast. Of course, a natural diet is much better for
    any animal. What GF and Koi eat are the tiny critters that live on the algae and
    bacteria in the pond. The daphnia, the rotifers, the little worms and insect larvae.
    I feed my koi freeze dried krill. the pacifica 1kilo size. it lasts for months with
    my 22 koi. they only get 1/2 cup a day.

    However, I am considering feeding them finely chopped raw shrimp and fish instead/in
    addition. Ingrid
    , Jun 3, 2008
  10. W Dale

    W Dale Guest

    Great article on food and koi in general! Thanks for sharing!
    W. Dale
    W Dale, Jun 4, 2008
  11. W Dale

    Koilady Water Garden Consultant

    Feb 27, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Hi Dale. When we started in the Koi hobby 32 years ago, we used to use trout chow. LOL Worst food ever but ponds and Koi were relatively new here in Canada and it was all that we knew to feed.
    At that time,we used upflow bio-filters using lava rock and as everyone knows, the sludge that collects at the bottom of these filters can destroy good bacteria due to a lack of oxygen. In order to clean these filters (we had 14 ponds) I would have to dump them over (45 gallon drums) and hose all of the sludge off of the lava rocks.
    One day a friend of ours came over with a new filter design with many more coming later. We decided on the 4th filter he showed us because the water came into the top of the filter and was trapped by three layers of window screening. This meant that I didn't have to clean the bio-media I was using. Every four to six weeks I would backwash and that would be the end of it.
    We also bred Koi from our imports from Niigata Japan and one day while looking on the net, I noticed that the Winston Company had very small pellets for young Koi and Goldfish. I thought this was great so I ordered some.
    What I found was that with the foods I was using before, there was a lot of debris on top of the window screening and I was cleaning the screens every three or four days. When I started used the small petted Winston Food, I didn't have to clean the pre-filter for a couple of weeks.
    Your's Koily, Lorraine
    Koilady, May 3, 2015
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