Looking for advice - sandy soil

Discussion in 'Pond Archive' started by TahoeKid, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. TahoeKid

    TahoeKid Guest

    I am planning a "stream-leading-to-pond" in an area behind a retaining
    wall in sloping, very sandy conditions. Like making a stream and pond
    on a sand dune. My plan is to super saturate the soil with water to
    make it stay put while I dig out the forms for the top resivour,
    stream and pond. My biggest concern is the easily shifting soil and
    was just wondering if anyone has any experience in working with that

    I guess my question is how to keep the sand from shifting once the
    basic liner and rock are in place.
    Rocks? Concrete ? Topsoil ? Lots of vegetation?
    TahoeKid, Jul 31, 2007
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  2. TahoeKid

    RichToyBox Guest

    "TahoeKid" wrote in message
    Soil has a natural angle of repose, and will stand at that angle without
    support. If you want the sides to be steeper than that, then you need some
    sort of structure. The structure can be concrete block, concrete, treated
    wood, or railroad ties. Without the structure, everytime you walk near the
    edge, some of the soil is going to move toward the pond, lowering the edge.
    RichToyBox, Jul 31, 2007
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  3. TahoeKid

    Hal Guest

    Retaining wall stones around the perimeter and level out the area?
    If water doesn't rush over, or get under the sand it isn't likely to
    move once it has been soaked and settled into place.


    Hal, Jul 31, 2007
  4. TahoeKid


    first pond dug in sand. lined it with epdm. it collapsed.
    second time we used concrete block filled with the sand. is going
    great after 10 years. Ingrid
    , Jul 31, 2007
  5. TahoeKid

    TahoeKid Guest

    Ok, looks like I got some good info. I'll post back in a few weeks
    after its all in place.
    I'm probably going to embed a large number of rocks/stones into the
    sand to help support
    the sides of the stream to lessen the soil shift problem. Maybe
    burying concrete paving
    stones also, since they have a large surface area and will dissipate
    weight when walking
    around it.
    TahoeKid, Aug 1, 2007
  6. TahoeKid

    George Guest

    "TahoeKid" wrote in message
    If you've got access to silty or clayey soil in your area, it wouldn't hurt
    to mix some in with your sandy soil. That will also help firm it up, and
    will help you to compact it and make it more cohesive, strengthening it.
    Remove about 50% of the sand and replace it with the clayey soil,and mix
    well. Alternatively, you can mix in some dense grade aggregate, which
    should be available from most any construction contractor, or local quarry.
    Be careful about using stone - make sure that it is rounded. If you plan
    to line the pond (I assume you are) with plastic, angular rock could end up
    puncturing your liner. Just a few suggestions.

    George, Aug 1, 2007
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