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Discussion in 'Indoor tanks' started by C-Note, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Well, my pond is at max capacity, which means... I can't allow myself to collect anymore koi. So what did I do? Moved the hobby indoors and set up a tank for fancy goldies. I really love goldies! The ones I see here in ponds, my own huge Shubunkin, and a few collectors that I follow on Instagram have all influenced me.

    My little threesome are known as "The Cocktails:" Molotov, Gimlet, and Mai Tai. Molotov is the red & white Ryukin, Gimlet is the greenish-yellow fantail, and Mai Tai is the white with red eyeliner and a splash of red in the tail. They had a great time quarantining in my outdoor 100 gallon stock tank where I'm growing out some koi-damaged lilies. Now they reside in a 37 gallon tank with a 75 gallon filter (if you know me, you know I always choose extra filtration!).

    I'm having a great time learning more about the varieties, and watching these little buggers. Looking forward to seeing them grow!


    Molotov Gimlet and Mai Tai.JPG
    C-Note, Jul 28, 2016
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