New fish to old pond

Nov 11, 2010
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Thanks so much addy1. So there are a lot of different gold fish in the store, must I make sure they are for outside pond use or can I put any gold fish in the pond ? And should I put Algy eaters into the pond as I don't have filtration ?
Hi Murray. welcome to GPF. I lot of people think it's fun to have a lot of fish and watch them really grow, but actually it is an awful experience when the pond is too small for them. You spend all your time on the disease part of this blog trying to figure out how to save them because your water quality is bad and there is nothing you can do at that point. It's always much better to start out slow with as few and small fish as possible until you really learn about ponding and understand what bio-load your pond can handle. I would suggest to get rid of the Koi immediately and not to buy an more fish! Good luck!

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