Our fish/koi health Library with reviews of each book.

Oct 9, 2012
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Val and I have been building up a koi Library for the past 26 years or so and believe that we have a resposibility to other fish keepers to pass this list on so that they too may purchase books listed below.
We have added author's names book titles and the all important ISBN numbers where possible.
We have books still to be read not on this list as of yet and a number on this list not yet read this s because I'm having major problems with short term memory loss due to Fibromyaia and have to take powerful pain killers in the form of morphine,
However we believe that every fish keeper has a duty by reading to their fish be they goldfish or koi especially the fish health books mentioned .

These reviews came about in the spirit of koi keeping world wide when Spike Cover then of the ACKA health body suggested it would be an idea to do them with a possibility of adding them to the ACKA health forum’s listing of book reviews it cover all the books in our collection to date
Over the years Val and I have amassed quite a library of Koi related books / Fish Health books and have written a list to help both the Newcomer to the hobby along with the more experienced when choosing Koi books.
Mini Encyclopaedia (Keeping Koi) ISBN 1842861069 .Keith Holmes, Tony Pitham, Nick Fletcher.
"This is a great little book , Keith , Tony and Nick have produced a little gem with this book , it’s a great introduction for anyone coming into our hobby and a refreshing read for the more experienced amongst us", ( A good Buy) and reasonable priced).Dave B
Goldfish & Koi in your home ISBN 0866220410.Dr H R Axelrod, William Vorderwinkler
. "Dr Axelrod and William in this book have created a comprehensive and complete book on the care feeding and treatment of Koi and goldfish, it's just stuffed full of great pictures and illustrations a must for the newcomer". (Though its getting a little dated nowadays it's still worth a read if you can get it). Dave B
The art of Koi Keeping ISBN 0713721413. Peter Cole.
"Peter in this book takes away from our hobby that what is mysterious to the newcomer , it is a fully comprehensive read that covers all the bases but keeps it simple, (our book has those ever present bit's of paper sticking out at pages we find interesting), it has helped us out with a problem more than once ", (a must for the new and experienced).Dave B
Koi a Complete Introduction ISBN 0866223991. Dr H R Axelrod.
"Dr Axelrod again produced in this book a good little book for the novice but again the book is getting more than a little dated (good for the beginners out there in Koi land).Dave B
Modern Nishikigoi ISBN 880241024 C2076 Takeo Kuroki.
"Takeo in this book takes us on a journey through all those confusing names that each class of Koi have. This book has great photographs to explain just what you are looking at, he covers the basic Varieties and some of the more Unique Koi", (Takeo’s book is a little confusing in places because if he doesn’t have a word for it in the Japanese to English translation then he just leaves it and carry's on regardless) but at the same time makes the book more endearing to the reader. Dave B
Manual of Nishikigoi (No Number) Takeo Kuroki. "Takeo Takes us on a journey through the world of Koi, with great pictures and comic illustrations throughout, again it is missing words in places but it is fully comprehensive in every other way ". (this was our first ever Koi book and is a must).Dave B
Fish and their behaviour ISBN 3923880197. Günter KH Zupac.
"Though not about Koi Günter brings in this book a greater understanding of fish that is a must for Fish keepers in general, it's a stimulating book and is full of very useful tips and encourages us to get even more out of our hobby by helping us understand the language and behaviour our charges speak" (A recommended read ).Dave B
Live Jewel's General Survey of Fancy Carp (No Number) Masayuki Amano
" I love this book but try to keep it in it's box as it's a little gem that needs protecting it is a crazy mix of both Japanese and English with fully illustrated pages throughout and a pull out chart of Koi". (Given to me by a very good friend Doc Price of Plymouth Devon, a retired Tattoo Artist, who now makes Japanese swords). (note there is another book out by this title but is written by Western Authors).Dave B
Koi For Home and Garden ISBN 087666745 X. Glenn Y. Takeshita.
"Glenn Covers the History of our Hobby then takes us through everything from Pond design and construction, through to Care and Feeding, Breeding, all the different Varieties of Koi and ends in Diseases and treatments. The copy we have was Printed in 82 so it is now sadly outdated but if you can get a copy well worth a read". (It is dedicated to the Koi enthusiasts of Hawaii). Dave B
An Interpet Guide to Koi ISBN 5012922000131. Barry James.
"Barry has created a 120 page easy step by step beginners guide to our Hobby , it contains great colour Photographs and I would fully recommend it to the novice" (well worth the buy).Dave B
Koi Varieties (Japanese Collared Carp Nishikigoi) ISBN 0866228853. Dr H R Axelrod.
"Again this book is fast becoming outdated and surpassed by the new Generation of Koi Author”. Dave B
The Cult of Koi ISBN 086622085. Michigan Tamadachi.
"This book I just love and is a must for everyone, it contains everything you need to know about Koi Keeping ", (you just have to buy this book).Dave B
The Practical Encyclopaedia of Koi ISBN 0861014057. N Brewster, N Chapple, J Cuvelier, M Davis, D Evans, K Phipps, Y Rees and P W Scott MSc BVSc MRCVS MIBiol.
"This book has a great pedigree!!... just look at the list of Koi Consultants", (need I say more ?, yes buy this book you'll never regret it).Dave B
Revised and Expanded Textbook of Fish Health ISBN 086624912 Dr George Post.
"Dr Post has created a really technical book here, more for the student than the Koi keeper but if you can understand it, it gives you a great insight into subject of Fish health, parasites and diseases of fish". (I found this book mentally taxing and had to put it away for another day , I'm not the student type).Dave B
The Ultimate Koi ISBN 1860541461. Nick Fletcher.
"Nick surpassed himself with this book; he has gotten together a relative who's who of specialist consultants in the creating of this book. It is split into three parts, covering in part one anatomy and Physiology, Koi senses; Koi varieties and an amazingly in depth look at Tatigio. In part two we look into the Koi environment, pond construction and filtration, seasonal changes and great tips on how to run your pond. "Then the icing on the cake", In part three we look into the aspects of Koi care telling us about handling .feeding and breeding Koi". (buy this book its a must have).Dave B
Koi of the World (Japanese Colored Carp) ISBN 0876660928.Dr HR Axelrod.
"By now you must think we have something against the good Dr!.. but we haven't because we feel as with all previous books it is sadly in need of being revised”. Dave B
Hand Book of Fish Diseases (All Fish) ISBN 0866227032. Dieter Untergasser.
"Dieter Untergasser has created in this book an in depth, yet easy to follow guide to fish diseases. It is full of great photographs with microscopic views of every nasty you can think of. it is a well thought out book", ( a must for any fish keeper ).Dave B
The Professionals Book of Koi ISBN 0866225285. Anmarie Barrie.
“Anmarie Barrie has put together a fascinating book which has great photographs. It covers all the aspects of both Koi care and maintenance; it does a great job of cutting through the often confusing list of Japanese names. It's a book I like to reference quite often". ( a great book for both the novice and experienced Koi keeper alike).Dave B
An Essential Guide to Choosing your Koi Colour Varieties (Pond Master) ISBN 184286064X Nick Fletcher...
"Another one of Nicks gems, it is a great little book and very easy to understand" (strongly recommended for the beginner to buy).Dave B
Nishikigoi Fancy Koi (No Number) Takehiko Tamaki.
“A Chief priest at a Shinto shrine and Nishikigoi breeder, who else is more qualified to write on the subject than Takehiko Tamaki. It is an early book but I would hazard a guess that this book over the years has done more than enough to bring the hobby to the west. It is extremely easy to follow for the novice to our hobby". (if this book is still in print buy it).Dave B
The Manual of Fish Health ISBN 0861013869. Dr Chris Andrews Adrian Exell, Dr Neville Carrington.
"This book is the one that did it for me!!!... At the end of my tether and about to give up keeping Goldfish, after a spate of deaths (prior to discovering Koi). Val bought it for my Birthday ", (it is the most dog eared book in our Library full of bits of paper marking pages of interest, it is a fish bible that even has connections through Adrian Exell to Plymouth, (he studied fisheries sciences at the Plymouth Polytechnic (now University), though not exclusive to Koi. I would strongly recommend it to any fish keeper its a Must).Dave B
The Interpet Manual of fish health revised (formally Salamander) ISBN 1842860674, Authors as with the manual of Fish Health.
“See the above!!... This is a newer updated Version of the same book But is Even Better”. Manual of Fish Health Salamander ISBN 0861013689 Dr Chris Andrews, Dave B
Understanding Koi (No Number) David E Hulse, Michael I George.
"A small paperback book written with the novice in mind and is a general guide to our hobby, it is deliberately non technical. It covers all aspects of our hobby and is based around well established principals ", ( A nice little book).Dave B
The Interpet Manual of Koi Health ISBN 1842860992. Keith Holmes, Tony Pitham.
"Keith and Tony in writing this book have surpassed themselves!!!... It is a masterpiece, a book that will help people in the hobby for many a year to come. It is on a par with the Manual of fish health. Already it has little bits of paper marking out pages to of interest beautifully illustrated and easy to use" (strongly recommended). Dave B
The Koi Doctor ISBN 9080856630. Maarten Lammens. Veterinarian.
"In writing this book the Author is taking the Koi keeper to the next level. It’s well illustrated easy to understand and pleasing to read. It is full of helpful tips, it gives us simple solutions when and where it can and in my book it ranks amongst the best, it even covers complex operations and just about covers everything you need to know " ( A great Buy). Dave B
Step by Step Advanced Koi Diagnosis and Treatments Duncan Griffiths.
Duncan has written a masterpiece with his book, at the moment I am only halfway through this book, It is easy to understand as Duncan has masterfully presented the book in lay mans terms, reading it is like re learning everything you thought you knew!!!... but with that bit extra (I'll report more on this book at a later date ) but so far wow what more can I say". (You really need to buy this book).Dave B
Koi Medicine ISBN 185278172 Lance Jepson MA VetMB CBiol MIBiol MRCVS.
"Lance has done it!!!.... the cross over between the vet and the Koi keeper, yet I find this book a little confusing in its layout," Perhaps it's just me”. I’ll have to go back through this book to see if I can get it clearer in my mind. It is a comprehensive book that covers a large section of problems, yet strangely I can find no mention of KHV in this book". (A must). Dave B
Koi ISBN 1093098424, S Hickling M Martin B Brewster N Fletcher.
“Dont you just know when these names pop up your onto something special!!!.... I've yet to read further in this book but so far they have gone that one step further (buy).Dave B
The Enigma of Koi ISBN 0952657619 Barry Goodwin (Signed By Author).*

Koi Kichi ISBN 095263810X Hardback ISBN 0952638118 Deluxe. Peter Waddington (signed By Author).*
Book of Water Gardens ISBN 0866226621 John Dawes*
Water Gardens in a Weekend ISBN 060060697X Peter Robinson
*Please note: - these last three titles were bought at a Section Auction and were Kindly donated by the Widow of our Late Chairman Ed Hampson, sadly we were out bid on a number of other titles, but such is life. "Many thanks Sue".

Just added:

How to keep koi an essential guide ISBN 9781903098073 David Twigg
Hobbyist Guide to Successful Koi Keeping ISBN 4679816582 Dr David Pool *
*This book is an Aquarium Digest International-Collectors Edition by Tetra

As such they have yet to be reviewed.
We hope this list and our reviews will help other members of our hobby, in that spirit of friendship that Koi seem to bring , A special thanks to Spike Cover who suggested we do a review because before all this was, was a list of our Koi books. In the same spirit of friendship, please feel free to suggest any books not on this list so that we may add to our Library in the future.
By Dave Broscombe Val Mills
Plymouth and District Koi Keepers Society est 1991.
Long term BKKS members since 1989
Members of the Koi Magazines koi hall of Fame 2009 .
With special thanks to a section one time member now fish lecturer, Ian Wellby, for his kind nomination to the koi hall of fame in remembering our dedication to the hobby of koi keeping from way back then and something that started him out on his path to becoming a fish lecturer. Something that has redoubled our own dedication just as it started flagging through Ill health.


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Oct 9, 2012
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We have since managed to review other books which when we replace our Monitor on our main PC and I can again access the files on it I will ask Becky to add to this list of books and reviews , believe me when I say to ou this has been hard for me to do as Val is my shot tem memory nowadays but weve managed it between us .


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