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Oct 9, 2012
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Next time you vist your local fish outlet take time to ask for a leaflet called Be Plant Wise.
This leaflet identifies 5 foriegn invasive plants that are playing havoc with our waterways i;e rivers, canals, ponds and streams and are so invasive they kill off our native species of aquatic plants.
These are as follows:-
1) New Zealand Pigmy Weed which are also known as the Australian Swamp Stone crop ( Crassula Helmsii - also sold incorrectly as Crassula Recurva, Tillaea Recurva and Tillaea Helmsii ).

2) Water Fern, also known as Fairy Fern (Azolla Filiculoides).

3) Floating Penny Wort (Hydrocotyle Ranuculoides) It may also be sold as Water Penny Wort or siply as Penny Wort.

4) Water Primrose (Ludwigia Grandiflora, Ludwigia Uruguayensis, or Ludwigia Peploides also sold incorrectly as Jussiaea ).

5) Parrots Feather (Myriophylium Aquaticum ( It may also be known as Myriophylium Proserpinacoides, Brazilian Water-Mifoil or simply as Oxygenator ).

To go into a description of each of these five plants would take far to long for me to Type out so instead simply go to this website :-

It will also give you good alternatives to these plants.
Ok so many of us koi keepers dont use plnts prefaring instead formal non planted ponds but other koi Keepers do.
However we all use fish outlets for foods treatments and equipment, so I would suggest checking out the aquatic plants on sale at these outlets.
You can do this by making a list of names both English and latin names for the aquatic plants on sale and should any of them match up and the outlet is unaware of this list it would be a really good idea to please bring list and webpage to their attention, in that they are selling invasive species of plants that are now being banned in both ours and other European country's............

For our American and Canaidian friends who keep ponds and water garden's
The same thing could be happening in your own country...
I mean just look at whats loose in the Everglades in Florida because of owners callously letting go of Boa Constrictors and other reptiles that have grown too big for them to handle or have escaped and not been reported.
These plants are not native to your own part of the world either so perhaps they should be banned in your own country too, you could push for this with your own States Representative to push your own Government or Member of Parliament in Canada .........




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