Products for removing chloramines -- what do you use?

Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by Mmathis, Sep 8, 2016.

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    I rarely post anything on KOIPHEN because they can get so technical [and ticky-picky], but I double-posted this here and there. [just wanted to throw that in there so if anyone on here reads my post over there, they won't think I'm a traitor, tee hee!]. And the KP folks are still talking about stuff and I have no clue.....other than the basics.

    So, after reading all y'all's comments, the most helpful info is simply the peace of mind in knowing that, with my mature bio-filter, I don't have to be quite as freaked out about those darn water additives [chlorine and chloramine]. At least, when adding water in smaller amts., such as with routine water changes. I already "spray" the water into the pond which helps to dissipate the chlorine. And now I know that my bio-filter will help eliminate the ammonia in the "chloramine" part. And a little bit [I repeat, little bit] of added ammonia shouldn't hurt since my pond is 3000 gals.

    Now, I assume it's a different story for the QT and my aquarium, where there is less water volume. But nonetheless, will always plan to add something with water changes for the pond. Right now I'm looking at Prime [or Prime Pond], but that will have to wait as I just bought 2 bottles of the Home Depot stuff, LOL! And if I do end up with a product that comes in a larger volume [assuming it has a decent shelf-life], I'll know that I should have enough on hand for those water-out-of-pond emergencies -- you know, the ones at night....when all the stores that sell fish supplies are closed......

    Mmathis, Sep 9, 2016
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