Reformed Pond Neglector

Apr 6, 2021
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United States
Hello Everyone!

My name is Matt. I purchased a home in 2016 and inherited a small pond next to the front porch. It has been a love/hate relationship ever since. It's time to change that to just love!

I was never really interested in the pond to begin with. Growing up my experience with plants and water were growing plants for food in a garden and going fishing in water. This is new territory for me. The pond had some nice plants landscaped around it. In the pond were some lilies I think, some other flowering plant and a frog. Since I took ownership it has been completely overgrown, drained empty due to a hole in the liner, cleaned, dug out, repaired, completely overgrown again and now in a fresh start state.

I'll be posting a thread soon in the Newbies forum with more detailed information and the few pictures I have from over the years. I look forward to learning from everyone and working towards a pond I'll love.

Have a good one!




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