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Apr 4, 2010
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Arlington, TX
We designed our backyard garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and to be a relaxing haven for us to unwind and just enjoy the beauty of it all. We have used prennenial draught tolerant plants. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Newspaper recently wrote an article about our garden and published it in a special "Show Us Your Garden" Section on July 02, 2011, which I have included below:

Show us your garden: Arlington couple inspired by pond's beauty

By Caitlin Cockerline

Between the soothing sound of the waterfall and the whimsical butterfly and hummingbird bushes, a backyard oasis that seems like a fairy tale awaits just outside the Arlington back door of Jerry and Sharon Young. This relaxing garden features a koi pond, a waterfall, lush green plants with pops of flowering surprises and even an outdoor kitchen.

We jumped right into this warm and welcoming collage of color to take a peek at this space in our Show Us Your Garden series.

The gardeners: The Youngs have been married nearly 52 years and are living proof that it is never too late to discover new passions and possibilities.
Sharon and Jerry were raised in east Fort Worth and have two daughters and four grandchildren who live in Texas. Jerry's love for photography "works hand in hand" with his blooming garden and the "critters" that retreat there. The couple keep a book of all 79 plants featured in their garden, which explains in detail how to specially care for each plant.

The highlights: The plants found in the Youngs' garden are all perennials that are drought tolerant for the blazing heat that comes with a North Texas summertime.

The waterfall launched the transformation of the back yard. L.E. Erickson Co. helped design the layout of the plants and built the 8-foot-by-16-foot koi pond that is a home to fish, lilies and even a fishing garden gnome.
An outdoor kitchen brings some of the indoors outside so the couple can cook and eat in the serene setting that they created.

Finally, a mini garden that is completely shaded by a crape myrtle tree with bright pink blossoms is right outside the window of the Youngs' dining room. This provides a tranquil scene for the couple and guests to look out on while enjoying a good meal.

The gardening philosophy: "Sharon and I both feel that flower gardening provides a therapeutic benefit that lets us spend time together in a relaxing atmosphere," Jerry says. The couple reminisce about the constantly changing landscape and unexpected visitors that their garden brings them. Because Jerry and Sharon were first-time gardeners when they started this project, and learning about their new hobby together has brought them closer.
Lessons learned: Jerry emphasizes the importance of the positioning of the sprinkler system because the grass and the plants may have different water requirements. "There will be a conflict between the water needs of the grass and drought-tolerant plants if this is not done," Jerry says.

The couple also agree that planning the garden ahead of time instead of doing it in small stages like they did it is the way to go. "Normally, you can save money if you design and build it to your wants and needs the first time around," Jerry says.

Lastly, Jerry urges gardeners who want to add a water garden or koi pond to their back yard to think big. Jerry and Sharon say they found that most pond owners wish they had made theirs larger after the pond had been installed.

Check out the YouTube Video which will give you a video tour of our garden.

I have attached pictures from construction to present as well as various "critters" that visit our garden and will add pictures occasionally.




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