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Apr 2, 2013
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It was another fantastic summer for my native garden... mostly. I've been dealing with phytoplasma issues with a few species, so I've had to remove those few species entirely from my garden and I'm monitoring others. Otherwise, it was a good year. I had a blast watching the wildlife it attracted. Monarchs were arriving in larger numbers than I've seen since I started my garden.

IMG_0025 copy.jpg

IMG_2588 copy.jpg

Bees seemed to have a good year as well. Here's a bee that happened to fly into the shot as I was taking a photo of my Bush's Coneflower.
IMG_0047 copy.jpg

Great Golden Digger wasps were everywhere in July. They clearly love the nectar that butterflyweed produces, as it's the only specie I ever saw them on.
IMG_0717 copy.jpg

Last year, I started moving some of the Common Blue Violets in my lawn over to my native garden in hopes of attracting fritillary butterflies. It worked! I found this Variegated fritillary caterpillar on a violet in my garden.
IMG_0862 copy.jpg

Of course, Monarch caterpillars were a common sight all summer long, also in greater numbers than previous years.
IMG_2196 copy.jpg

I saw a few Hummingbird moths this year. There were two in the garden as I was taking this photo. Couldn't quite get them both in the photo. :)
IMG_1118 copy.jpg

My Scarlet Bee Balm put on a nice show this year. I'm thrilled that I added it last year.
IMG_0526 copy.jpg

It was highly attractive to Ruby-throated hummingbirds, which was the entire reason for adding it. I saw them flying in and out of the garden quite often during the summer. They also liked the Blue Giant Hyssop you can see in the background.
IMG_1427 copy.jpg

IMG_1466 copy.jpg

Red Admiral and Monarch.
IMG_1158 copy.jpg

Spring Azure butterflies
IMG_1286 copy.jpg

American Copper
IMG_1756 copy.jpg

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly
IMG_1775 copy.jpg

Question Mark butterfly
IMG_5465 copy.jpg

Autumn Meadowhawk
IMG_4878 copy.jpg

Lastly, this was the first year I added grasses to my garden. It's something I've been avoiding but I knew it was time. Grasses and sedges are an important part of any prairie and it's time I get my garden closer to natural prairie.

I added one Little bluestem and one Side oats grama. Side oats grama looked fantastic this summer, and Little bluestem in autumn. I was able to collect some SOG seeds this fall, so I hope to grow more next season.
IMG_0851 copy.jpg

IMG_7873 copy.jpg
Jun 24, 2018
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Lovely pictures. That dragon fly is just beautiful, my fingers are crossed that they will start breeding in my pond.


I Love my Goldies
Feb 1, 2010
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Arlington, Washington
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Looks so beautiful and gives me hope that another Summer will be here soon...............well only a half a year away anyways! I miss all the butterflies, dragon flies etc. Thanks for sharing and giving us a glimpse of what's to come again!

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