THe road to a DIY Zakki vacuum sieve

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    In a previous thread I had asked if there was a way to have a sieve above the water line. Because I have a 5000 gallon hole in my backyard now and am sick of digging.

    @DoDad recommended a Zakki sieve. A sieve that is driven by vacuum pressure. It looks like his products are top notch, and with them come a top notch price :) something I can't afford. So far I have only found 1 other person attempt to re-create a vacuum sieve and the lid on his cracked, and that was the end of it.

    So here I am chronicling my own adventure to replicate a vacuum sieve.

    At first I was curious as to how the vacuum was created. Pond pumps don't like to suck air. Then I realized you could create an air vacuum, using a pond pump that was sucking water. All you had to do was have a vacuum vessel partially filled with water to start. pump out the water, and tada, you create a vacuum that will draw water up and out of the pond.

    I had some old small water pump stuff from a previous project so I threw together a small mock vacuum sieve, and it worked.

    Part 1 =
    Part 2 =

    Now to sourse a reliable pressure vessel for the large scale recreation.
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    Gummby8, Mar 7, 2018
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