tropical waterlilies, tubers vs. grown out plants

Apr 22, 2011
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Just in case anybody else has had the similar experience of being sent shoddy, badly cropped, plant shocked, grown out waterlilies that quickly turn to mush, please, I can assure you I do not send out such awful plants!

This piece of mush was a goner, crippled before it was sent. There is NO CHANCE it could bloom and tuber in a season. Dead loss in a week or so, mush. Of course, the sender had no more in stock to replace it...

Perhaps I might recommend you try sprouted tropical waterlily tubers which are very reliable hitchhikers in a parcel being far tougher than the vulnerable delicate soft tissues of grown out plants which can take from months to NEVER to thrive.

Sprouted tubers grow to blooming in pristine condition in about a month, compared to a plant shocked, crippled grown out piece of mush

If you have experienced similar such abysmal failure, it is still good timing to plant out a sprouted tuber and see it bloom well, and tuber

The tuber can cope with seven months and more drought or winter. You can bounce it on the floor. Cats can make a play toy and chase them. Carve starch off it for mice to nibble and it will STILL GROW

A grow out tropical waterlily? cannot survive a ride in a box... Especially when some IDJUT chops the roots off...

Regards, andy




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