Water garden flowing with new bog to be.

Sep 16, 2016
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Green Oak Township, Mi
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United States
first spring flow. talk about happy fish...

with a lack of understanding of the system and the fish, i turned of the flow in november
of last year till now. leaving it on into the winter will keep the water fresher.
the pond water this spring did not leave me with a good feeling and tested a slight ammonia level.
i don't believe the temp in the pond fell below 42 degrees this winter.
seems to me that means active fish eating what's around.
if the water is even a little colder because of the flow, i imagine this will reduce fish activity which will leed to fresher water during the time it may be off, if ice dams become a problem.

thanks meyer for the insight.

turns out my failed weir last winter will have some benefit after all. i won't need it next winter and the frame is good, so i stapled some netting to the frame. works great at keeping stuff out of the pond

a view from the bridge...



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