Whoops ....where are my manners !

Jun 4, 2010
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Bristol, United Kingdom
Whoops ....where are my manners !
Sorry guys.....I breezed straight in and posted without introducing myself
( see DIY 55 Gallon Drum Dimensions )
I've kept fish for many years including Tropicals,Marines,Coldwater and Koi.

The reason for joining this forum is to hopefully get some help with Koi filtration.

Whilst my plumbing skills are not great, I'm keen to consider the various concepts
of the Skippy filter and hopefully restore my pond to it's former glory ?
I'd welcome any thoughts on this subject and in particular :-
Do you use UVc ?
Which filter media you favour ?
Does this method provide adequate mechanical filtration?
......you get the drift !
All help welcome.....I'm getting too old for daily filter cleans !



Jul 7, 2009
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North Carolina
Out DIY filters are actually quite simple, John, and do not require any serious experience.

I personally have a UV, yes. Some here don't and others do. It's all what you are happy with. I personally rely on it to keep green water at bay.

I like strapping (for bio media) and matala mats for mechanichal media. You can search both here, and see the threads. However, there are others with different types of media.

My back is terrible with regard to filters as well, so I have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

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