Wildlife Pond - No Wildlife ???

Jul 25, 2010
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Bedfordshire, uk
2 years ago I had a pond installed in my back garden, we made use of a rise in level of the ground to put the pond in front of this mound and created a stream pumping water from the pond up the hill and it tumbles down the hill like a mountain stream. We used a butyl liner and caledonia pebbles to give a mountain stream/pond effect. The pond is about 12 ft. across about 2 ft deep in the centre. Initially after planting with a water lily and marginal plants plus oxygenators we put in fish, they unfortunately soon died in a heatwave at the end of May last year. I took one fish to garden centre where they came from and a sample of the water, water was fine and the only thing they suggested was that the fish probably died of lack of oxygen. We were only turning the pump on during the day at that time.

This year we have not tried fish at all and noticed a distinct lack of wildlife in the pond, a few water boatmen and some dragon fly larva cases, plus one or two frogs. We also had a big problem with blanket weed and finally resolved this but using Kockney Pond Medic Green Go Blanket Weed Controller.

The pump is now running all the time except when we are away on holiday.
The plants are thriving around the edges of the pond but not much activity below the surface.
The pond is in the open, ie no trees overhanging.

Any thoughts about anything we can do to encourage more wildlife in our pond ??



Aug 29, 2007
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Fallbrook, Ca USA
First of all welcome to the forum.

Your pond needs, fish, floating plants, a bio filter, a pump running 24/7 nonstop and good circulation to avoid dead spots.

The fish will fetilize the plants and help get a natural balance in the pond. Stagnant water always goes bad, never turn off a pump that is providing movement. Never turn off a filter that provides the bio element needed to keep the toxins in check.

With all of these in place, you can enjoy a clear and healthy pond. There are thousands of threads on this forum, many will give you advice for your particular pond. You need to sort out what works best for you and who you think is going to guide you to success.

Beware there is also bias in some of the posts that not all of us agree with.

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