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Make a complete first aid kit for koi and Goldfish

Over the years we have put together what we think is a pretty good first aid kit for our koi.
I think you'll find this just about covers it, but if we have missed anything please let us know.
The interesting thing is that we put this together prior to reading Duncan Griffiths book Step by Step Advanced Koi Diagnoses and Treatments (Everything you need to know to successfully treat your koi)
Even though he recommends up to five kits we found that we had mirrored some of them in our our own kit.
Some things have been adapted from other uses by us humans such as toothbrushes etc, basically try to think outside the box and ask yourself could this be used to treat my fish in some way or other
Buy Aluminum cases to hold all your tools in, and for ease of carrying to the pond , you can usually buy them in stacks of three, or order more specialized ones online from Amazon
We have a number of other kits including one that holds all the chemicals used for treating fish.
Another holds our Besser NG x40-x1024 Microscope including ocular for video's and stills Plus all its lenses slides fixers etc
Pretty soon you'll put yourself together a half tidy kit of useful tools to have should they be needed to treat your fish as you learn more on the fish health side of things it will become more and more apparent just how useful these kits are to own , should you ever need to treat your fish ...
Plus in the event of a medical issue to have all these items in one place ready to be picked up nd taken out to pond side.
You will note we also use human treatments that can be put to good use, used in the trade to treat fish with...........
There are programs out there that will work out a complete treatments charts for you "see photo" , this one sadly is now out of date since we moved our koi outdoors to a larger facility
However it is still of use to us if we scale up its contents to the gallons of our pond.
* Please note ..........
"It was produced for our use by the now defunct Hananumi koi of Yeovil Sommerset UK, by kind permission of Stuart and Mel who have since emigrated to Australia for health reasons caused by Stuarts previously broken back which was causing him major pain problems in the harsh winters we can get in the UK".

The list is as follows..........

Aluminum case with dividers
Arm length QT gloves.
Magnifying glass,with LED lights. >>>
x20-x40 pocket microscope, x60 Jem microscope ***
Infrared Thermometer(can give you a false reading if kept in your pocket)..........
Floating bath thermometer/clock (negates the above problem)>>>
Pen (note taking)
Note pad (note taking)
Tooth brush. >>>
Credit card style card for taking mucus scrapes.
Syringes & needles for injecting antibiotics.
Sharps Box for disposal of used Syringes
5 ml baby spoon and measure.
Latex gloves.
Rubber gloves in case of Latex alergy (shoulder Length)>>>.
Purpose made koi gloves (Arm Length).
5 ml syringe.
Potassium Permanganate.
Antiseptic hand gel.
Superverm (organo phosphates Please note this is deadly to goldfish and is only used on koi)!!!!!!.................
Fish vitamins ( NTLABS KOI VIT'S).
Cotton buds.
50 ml syringe.
Orabase.(human/fish treatment cross over)
MS222 Fish anesthetic.
Propolis spray.
Acclimitol fish de-stress.
Aqua gel (direct Antiseptic gel).
Malachite Green.#####
Melafix #####
Special powder.
Test kits.(whole range of).
pH Pen
Koi health booster.
Algazin P.
Digital scales.
Hand held digital scales (for weighing fish, baggage variety)>>>.
Weighing net (from course fishing equipment)>>>
Timer (for short term dips)>>>.
Treatments chart.
Bone cutters.
Bicarbonate of Soda
PH Pill (Medical grade only)
Acetone bottle
Flubenol Flubendazole 5%
Hydrogen Peroxide
Koi Clear Gel (keep refrigerated)
Saline eye wash pods 20 ml x 3 (wound wash)
Set of metal measuring spoons .63 ml, 1.25ml, 2.5ml, 3.75ml, 5 ml, 15ml (for precise measurement of clays etc)>>>
Stytic Pencil to close off small wounds during surgery
Solar Powered Calculator
Bresser Biolux NG x40 - x1024 incl PC Ocular ***
Oral syringe for administering food or antibiotics orally ***
*** Sharp's box for disposal of needles safely .
>>> = Adapted from other uses.
*** = Note. recently added/evaluating.......
#### Replace every year,
The trick is don't buy more than you need use chemical wise, its always better to buy smaller bottles when treating your fish
The kit is being updated periodically as we find things that are of use to the welfare of our own koi,

Koi Med Kit 02_small.jpg

Koi Med Kit 01_small.jpg

Microscope case.jpg

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