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"Individualist" <br> (One that asserts individuality by independence of thought and action.) "God, Country, Family" "Patriot through & through"
I think my bio says it all... I love spending my mornings sitting by the pond sipping my coffee and fish-gazing. I enjoy spending my evenings sitting by the pond, sipping wine, and fish-gazing. Heck, sometimes I'm just there all day. I knit... like a fiend. I have 3 amazing French Bulldogs...
Sold the Marine setup due to house move. Completely new to Garden Pond ways of working but understand the relationship for water conditions, although unsure of ponds. Time will tell. Plans is to progress the resident pond into Koi, with Tench, water plants - Water Lilly and oxygenating varieties.
Pretty much obsesssd with our water garden over here in the great north west.