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Bio security for nets

With the onset of GHV (CyHV2) and KHV (CyHV3)its time we all thought about BioSecuity and that means on our nets, because if incorrectly used it could mean disaster for your fish .
It has been proven that Angling nets helped in the spread of both GHV (CyHv2) and KHV (CyHV3) through the UK's fishing lakes.
GHV (CyHV2) KHV (CyHV3) once spread means disaster for your pond , it is exactly for that reason we should practice it each and every time.

It is in your interest to help stall/stop the spread of these dread virus's in its tracks, by not allowing them in the pond through the vector of our nets.

Good Practice does work

1) Buy a strong disinfectant " a virocide capable of taking a virus out", we use a product called virasure :-

2) Never use your nets in anyone else's pond .

4) Never lend your nets out to another fish keeper.

5) Never borrow anyone's nets from another fish keeper.

6) When using your nets disinfect them at the start then again at the finish "this may sound extreme " but it has to be done.

7) Always make sure that your nets are totally dried out prior to being stored.

8) Never lend or borrow nets at fish shows .

9) If handling nets at fish shows disinfect your hands up to your elbows after every use.

!0) If buying koi from a dealer make sure they too are practicing the same sort of bio security , if the nets look scruffy and dirty , be prepared to walk away and get your fish from someone who does !!!!

11) Never Buy second hand nets, always buy new ones "at least you know its clean" and virus free.

Lastly it doesn't hurt to practice this, remember this motto "practice good bio security on your nets , it'll save the tears later " .