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Trees and Flora Dangerous to Fish

How many of us have either tree's or flora over looking the pond and in the case of fauna over hanging the pond ?
They look really nice we hear you say but have you ever stopped to think that they may be harmful, if not lethal to your Koi?

A few years ago I was helping a fellow fish keeping friend in Australia and when the fish continued to have problems we had to look at the environment they where in.
We first looked at the water, no problems. Then we started to look at her garden and I realized that we hadn't a clue just what effects her trees and fauna may have on the fish.

Well to cut a long story short we decided to investigate the flora. We contacted the Australian Koi Society they furnished us with a list of dangerous plants. We found that not all the tree's and flora on the list where Australian, which got me to thinking even more, realizing that there had been vast migrations of plants around the world in the Victorian era but this has also gone on ever since.

Investigating a little further I came up with two links to lists of trees and flora, that could be harmful to your pond fish.
Please look into these links and save them off for future reference they will come in very useful:-

If you find you have things on this list take them out then plant something that isn't harmful, if not lethal to our koi. Take for example we had a huge Rhododendron that we wanted as a backdrop to our pond, it on the list so it had to go after being in our garden for over 22 years, sad I know but necessary.
Hope the lists are helpful to others.

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