1800 gallon turtle pond


Pond has skimmer with a 4000 gph pump. Pond is 13'x7'x3'deep, with an L shaped shelf, which has a large basking rock placed on it. There are 3 returns, one flows to an up flow bog and the other 2 return directly to the pond. The pond is about 3 weeks old at the moment. Eventually will place a net over it to prevent predation of the baby turtles.

Planning and Construction

Pond is raised out of the ground around 18" and sunk into the ground 18" on the side that is downslope. Used 6"x6" to frame out pond and raise it above water level to prevent the turtles from climbing out in the future.

Fish / Plant Stock

At the moment some native fish in the pond river chub, dace, very small catfish, and some blue gill about 1" long. Waiting on some terrapin eggs to hatch about 2 weeks out on that. Added picture of the male terrapin.

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