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1000 gallon garden pond


In 2004 a big hole was created in the back yard when a maple tree was removed so I kept digging and created my pond. The pond is about 10 feet in diameter and 2 ½ feet deep.
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Planning and Construction

  • The pond is 10 feet in diameter, with a 3 foot falls that drops into a small pool before it drops into the pond.
  • The pond is approximately 2 1/2 feet deep and 1,000 gallons.
  • Underlayment and 45mil EPDM pond liner were used to line the pond.
  • There is a Laguna Max-flow 4200 GPH pump housed in a skimmer.
  • The pump is connected to 2" PVC flex pipe which is buried a few inches below the ground, around the perimeter of the pond, going up 3 feet to a Bio falls box.
  • The pond took about a month to build due to rain delays.
  • Originally there was a stream, but it was too wide and a lot of water movement and sound was lost. More dirt was added to the hill so the rocks could be moved to create a waterfall instead.
  • No foam was used to set the rocks in the waterfall.
  • Currently, there is no rock or gravel on the bottom of the pond.
  • The rocks around the perimeter of the pond were placed on a shelf about 8 inches below the water line.
  • Shelves were also made so that one is able to climb out of the pond. (24", 20" and 15" deep) Pots of water lilies are placed on these shelves.
  • No shallow shelves were made for placing marginal plants, so large rocks were added to the pond for setting pots on. Yellow flag iris has also been planted bare root among the rocks.

Fish / Plant Stock

  • Currently the pond is home to 3 Koi and 8 goldfish. They range from 8 to 12 years old.

Pond Plants:
  • Blue flag iris
  • Yellow flag iris
  • water lilies
  • curly mint
  • aquatic forget-me-not
  • blue rush
  • dwarf horsetail rush

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