First Spring

  • My pond was "completed" in the Fall, before I had a chance to populate it with many plants. It was quite far from complete, actually. A warm winter allowed me to correct some structural errors in my construction, and I've been continuing to work on it. It still needs a good bit of work--I'm guessing it will be essentially complete in July--but at least it is now close enough.
  • The picture full of snow is the only one I can find of the section of yard now occupied by the pond. Because that photograph depicts a few feet of snow (it was taken during "Snowmageddon," when Baltimore got two of its all-time top 10 worst snowstorms 3 days apart), it isn't as useful for comparison as it might be. But it's all I've got.
  • I haven't been able to get good pictures of my fish yet. These are just a start.
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