New Mexico Wildlife Pond

This is my pond showcase. It will be about 10 x 14 with an 8 x 4 raised bog.


Here's the plan: Active bog filtration using a pvc manifold. Planning an intake bay similar to the one in this video:

Planning on just a few goldfish or shubunkins, no Coi. Going to aim for mostly native SW plants in the bog and around the pond. We're near the Rio Grande so want it to be as welcoming as possible to the native critters. The area behind the pond in the photo is going to be seeded with some native grasses and wildflowers.

Update: April 17, have the pond pretty much dugout. Would welcome any commentary in case I'm missing anything before I start constructing the bog walls on the raised area behind the pond.

Update: June 2021, completed the pond! Will add some more plants around the edges eventually. Have two calico comets somewhere in there.

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