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So my addiction continues and I’ve added a new little pond to my back yard Actually my dog dug the hole and I redecorated it …he is NOT happy about that! But it really turned out quite nice and I put it right at the edge of my deck. The new fishies are doing well we have been up and running this one for a month now. I think the big fella is trying to turn the cat and the little dog on me now too lol

Planning and Construction

I partially set a plastic pond shell into the ground and then built up around the sides with retainer wall blocking but left enough room around it for a planter.
I purchase an old used manual water pump and incorporated that as a pond spitter to aerate the water as well as 2 aerate stones and a second spitter so I have 2 biofilter/pumps running one for each spitter.
After several weeks of letting the pumps run and circulate, I added fish and have slowly introduced bog as well as some marginal plants.
It all sits under a big tree in my back yard and the water lettuce and water hyacinth float on top to shade the water and protect the fish from predictors. I have replaced a lot of my grass with river rocks and outdoor furniture to create a serene sanctuary that myself and my dogs enjoy each morning with the wild birds and my coffee and also evening relaxation.
I don’t use any chemicals it’s all natural and I’m still learning so I welcome any and all advice!

Fish / Plant Stock

Last year I learned about water hyacinth and water lettuce which floats on top and helps to shade and protect the fish but I have found that it is extremely aggressive here in Florida so I’m constantly having to thin it out. I also have water iris, canna lily, impatience, water Lillie’s, all for beauty and to help support an ecosystem within the pond. The fish are growing like crazy I have 5 gold fish and 2 koi.
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