2015 North West Koi & Goldfish Club Show

Oct 9, 2012
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DoDad our own show was the 12th July , I just hope your weather is better than wht we got heavy rain to start then sun later .
We wish everyone showing at the NorthWest koi and goldfish show the best of British luck with your koi and goldfish.
Also to extend the hand of friendship .
For Val and I and our failing health our sho was our penultimate show for us and we will be retiring next year at our clubs 25 show with a quater of a century of shows under our belts, [the only people to have competed in every show and club chairmen, no one else can say that]:D .
Sadly failing health issues have forced this upon us [the day is just too longnowadays :( .
However enjoy your day hopefully I'll be posting photos of our show shortly :happy:
Good luck :)

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