Happy Valentines day. ( stole from a friends fb post) but rings true to all of us)

Jun 23, 2017
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Happy Valentine's Day to all of the screwed up, constantly arguing, "Why the hell did I marry this person?" couples out there! You know who are you. I'm not talking to you guys who are constantly posting Instagram photos of perfect marriage- of all the flowers he gets you every Friday and those declarations of love you share on your timelines, and the cute wacky photos you like to take jumping in the air holding hands- yes, you're adorable but you can't sit with us.

I'm talking to the couples so beaten down by everyday life and the freaking kids that they feel like someone hugging a tree for dear life while a tropical storm whirls around them- the ones living in a castle built of always beeping V-Tech toys, a carpet of crumbs, laundry on every available surface, and take-out boxes overflowing in your recycling bin.

I'm talking to the wives and mothers currently giving the silent treatment to your spouse because they said something insensitive in passing not realizing how paper thin your fragile phyllo dough psyches are after a long day of wiping butts and trying to keep small children alive. I'm talking to the women who aren't even sure if they're really mad or just plain tired. The ones who are so touched out by the end of the day that they shoot daggers at a spouse who dares pull anything shady after dark but feel most at home lying on the chest of the one you chose.

I'm talking to the husband and fathers who don't 100% understand why they're in trouble but are trying to make it right. I'm talking to the dudes who when they look deep into the weary eyes of their spouse having a nervous breakdown over the state of the living room and the purgatory that is the bedtime routine, can still see the person they married, so they hold on.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the non-perfect couples who at the end of the long day still snuggle up to each other and watch TV for ten minutes before passing out in their day clothes because they can't imagine ending the day any other way. We're a mess, and even though we're not always holding hands and smiling, we're still here loving each other through it all.


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